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Fire Extinguisher Service

As leading experts in fire extinguisher servicing, we are the perfect solution for clients seeking reliable and on-time maintenance and servicing. With years of experience, we possess the knowledge and skills required to ensure your fire extinguishers are in perfect working condition at all times.

Comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Services for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Clients

Image by Kerry Layton

At our company, we prioritize safety above all else, which is why we are NFPA-certified and insured. This certification guarantees that our services meet industry standards and that our staff is well-trained in providing the highest level of fire protection. Whether you require extinguisher certification, sales, or maintenance, we have got you covered. Our comprehensive services include 6-month, annual, 6-year, and 12-year maintenance, ensuring that your fire extinguishers remain in optimal condition throughout their lifespan.

Rest easy knowing that our team of professionals is here to keep your fire protection equipment up to code and in compliance with safety regulations. With our expertise and dedication to exceptional service, we are committed to providing you with peace of mind and the reassurance that your fire extinguishers are reliable and ready for any emergency. Don't compromise when it comes to fire safety – choose us as your trusted partner for fire extinguisher maintenance and servicing.

Choose Boss Fire Inc. for all your fire extinguisher services and trust us to meet your fire safety needs. Our top-notch services comply with NFPA guidelines, covering everything from initial inspection and installation to regular maintenance and recharge.

Contact us today to benefit from our certified expertise and ensure unrivaled fire safety for your property.

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